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I usually donate some of my earnings to charities like Unicef (more than $1000 in the last 12 months) but I found something really interesting. Anyone can loan money to people in so called “third world” countries, helping people create their own way of living. This is really great! Instead of giving the fish, help others go fishing. I’m really in favor of this. If someone has the chance of providing for themselves, we should help them.



The European Union executive proposed a VAT cut to boost economy, as the UK is already doing, but many other countries are against it.
In my opinion VAT is one of the most unfair taxes within a global market. People and businesses in Europe have to deal with a tax that can reach almost 25% when buying the same product or service that another person or competitor can buy with 0% tax.

I would buy much more things if I had a lower VAT, and so would many other people, but hey some governments don’t think so, and they think wrong.

EU executive to propose VAT cuts to boost economy

More information on Value Added Tax and How Vat Works


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