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There is no doubt about what is the best blog system: WordPress.
There are other good cms systems, like Joomla and Drupal, but all have a thing in common: they need a sql database to save content.

If you cannot afford this, or prefer a simpler solution (with their own problems, like the possibility of data corruption) here are some wordpress alternatives that use flat file database support:

also interesting:

There is a try to port wordpress here:

Even so I wished the WordPress team could have and maintain a simpler
version of wordpress, for those who don’t need to have too much information and where flat files are an option… maybe someday…


If you like the user interface of Office 2007 and are looking to replace your Notepad or Wordpad, check this alternative.
Wordpad 2009 (previously called Notepad 2008) was developed by Solo-Dev, and you can download it at Deviantart.

And in case the url changes in the future check the gallery:

I usually donate some of my earnings to charities like Unicef (more than $1000 in the last 12 months) but I found something really interesting. Anyone can loan money to people in so called “third world” countries, helping people create their own way of living. This is really great! Instead of giving the fish, help others go fishing. I’m really in favor of this. If someone has the chance of providing for themselves, we should help them.


I’m tired of seeing editorials and articles bashing the great Tesla electric car. In a time that big auto corporations are almost bankrupt, complaining that something inovative and with a reduced budget isn’t doing as well as it could do, is really strange.

Yes these first models will be expensive, but buyers know that, the money they are paying will be invested in further development. And compare that with the cost of development of a regular model… they aren’t spending as much if we compare it.

I really love that car, it’s something people would like to buy, unlike those strange “futuristic” but horrible concepts that other brands launch. I don’t care if they will be cheap, or have great mileage, I would never buy them!

Support innovation! I hope electric motors get more support than other giant companies that can’t control their expenses.


But we can also see some people supporting them around the web:

The European Union executive proposed a VAT cut to boost economy, as the UK is already doing, but many other countries are against it.
In my opinion VAT is one of the most unfair taxes within a global market. People and businesses in Europe have to deal with a tax that can reach almost 25% when buying the same product or service that another person or competitor can buy with 0% tax.

I would buy much more things if I had a lower VAT, and so would many other people, but hey some governments don’t think so, and they think wrong.

EU executive to propose VAT cuts to boost economy

More information on Value Added Tax and How Vat Works

A journalist famous for his blogging adventures as the Fake Steve Jobs blog, and now running his new blog as Real Dan Lyons stopped posting in middle November after a controversy concerning Yahoo.

 Dan Lyons – Yahoo controversy

 No more posts at Real Dan Lyons

In this blog I will post my web findings. Short posts right to the point. I call them tweats 🙂


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