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There is no doubt about what is the best blog system: WordPress.
There are other good cms systems, like Joomla and Drupal, but all have a thing in common: they need a sql database to save content.

If you cannot afford this, or prefer a simpler solution (with their own problems, like the possibility of data corruption) here are some wordpress alternatives that use flat file database support:

also interesting:

There is a try to port wordpress here:

Even so I wished the WordPress team could have and maintain a simpler
version of wordpress, for those who don’t need to have too much information and where flat files are an option… maybe someday…



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  • tweat: Hi Salman, Thank you, I think that even being 1 year old this list is still useful!
  • tweat: Hello Paul, I meant when you have more than one user updating the same flat-text file, if you don't have a good data protection system you could ha
  • Salman Ali: Thanks for such a nice list of blog CMS. I am using X-Cart over my website and I was looking for some blogging solution. I found Word Press could be h